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We provide a unique cleaning service for your engine related parts and DPF filters.  This provides you with improved engine efficiency that saves you downtime and long term engine operating costs.

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Press Release

Environmental regulations miss the mark on reducing diesel engines’ carbon emissions

Ultrasonic cleaning is the green way to clean Diesel Particulate Filters
Several countries are rolling out standards for reducing diesel engines emissions in order to improve air quality, protect the environment and the health of citizens around the globe.  One requirement gaining popularity is the...

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"We have been removing, upgrading and cleaning DOC's and scrubbers for over 20 years and now, cleaning DPF's, DOC's, EGR coolers and other exhaust components with ultrasonic equipment for over 7 years.  We made a business decision to go with Hunter Ultrasonics over the competitor as we felt they provided a better clean, were able to clean multiple filters at the same time and were flexible enough to allow us to clean different parts and components that the other guys couldn't.  A number of times we have been able to clean items that the competitors and dealers have said are not cleanable. We are happy with our decision to go with Hunter Ultrasonics.  We know that our customers are saving money and are happy as well."

Dan Hrodzicky  Texis Truck Exhaust